RACE is Social!

What is RACE?

RACE is a practical framework to help manage and improve results from your digital marketing. Ultimately it’s about using best practice web analytics techniques to get more commercial value from investments in digital marketing.

What does RACE stand for?

(Plan) > Reach > Act > Convert > Engage. The RACE mnemonic summarises the key online marketing activities that need to be managed as part of digital marketing. RACE covers the full customer lifecycle or marketing funnel.

Who came up with the model?

RACE is an evolution of the REAN (Reach > Engage > Activate > Nurture) framework for web analytsts originally developed by Xavier Blanc and popularised by Steve Jackson in his book Cult of Analytics.



Interested to learn more about RACE?

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Dr Dave Chaffey is CEO and co-founder of Smart Insights. Later this month he will be discussing current and future digital marketing trends along with his widely used RACE model