5 digital marketing basic concepts I learned



I always wanted to do something exciting and sustainable within the online environment. I think all started when I was studying my junior degree in Media and Communications. In this article, I hope to explain what I do to people, my friends especially my family who used to wonder what I do when I spend hours on the internet.

I moved to The City Cape Town last year and enrolled for postgraduate studies few months later an opportunity arose to enter my first Internship in online magazine team from the ground up to social media administrator at one of the best start-up. Currently, I got the opportunity to work for one of the world oldest Education publishing house.

Through my short career journey, I have identified 5 key concepts I learned and have applied at least once to achieve organisation goals.

1st, Online Marketing

The website or mobile platform is the most fundamental component in any online marketing campaign as it generally acts as the central point. The website or mobile platform needs to attract targeted visitors and encourage or lead them to take the necessary actions to realise the site’s goal. A site’s goal could be any of the following: making a sale, acquiring registered users, receiving enquiries or building subscription base.

Achieving one or more of these goals should be a campaign’s primary aim. The next step – once you have a user-friendly, aesthetically appealing, functional site that is successfully converting customers – is generating even more traffic to the site.

My online marketing skills include:

+ Market research

+ Online advertising

+ Paid Search Advertising

+ Social Media Marketing

+ Search Engine Optimisation

 2nd, Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)*,

Social Media provides a platform for the entire world to engage easily and instantaneously. It is also a space where companies can extend themselves and build their brands. Considering the user volume, a social media strategy seems highly beneficial – necessary in fact – now I am confident that I can help you with that.

I learned to deliver a social media strategy that is in line with any industry, which monitors online reputation and develops the online relationship with current or prospective customers. I am a maverick when it comes to social media, ensuring that a brand stand out in this massive digital space is my goal.

My social media skills include:

+ Content Strategy

+ Consumer Interaction

+ Growing Database

+ Credible Brand Exposure

+ Comprehensive Research

+ Designing & Developing Facebook Applications

+ Managing Platforms & Producing Content

+ Custom Pages & Profiles on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

 3rd, Pay Per Click Advertising (Google, Facebook, Twitter)*

I am the way to generate specific, targeted messages which feed into a PPC landing page to generate leads and increases company profits.

PPC Benefits include custom budgeting, geographical location and targeting, 24/7 advertising, immediate search engine visibility, highly targeted and qualified traffic for identified keywords, measurable results, and brand awareness. Plus: you only pay when users are interested, per click.

My Pay per Click skills include:

+ Tracking, Reporting & Feedback

+ Identifying Average spend per click

+ Identifying Competitor Keyword Penetration

+ Optimising landing pages to ensure maximum PPC penetration with lead capture

+ An effective keyword strategy that targets wide, narrow, location and brand terms

4th, Analytics Tools

My methodology takes you from objectives to KPIs to dashboard covering all the data points. From paid and earned media to your website through to sale.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the baseline for performance improvement.

With KPIs, you can:

+ Test your ideas

+ Measure new campaigns

+ Learn

+ Optimise

Analytics is what I do. I use data to make smarter decisions. I prefer to use onsite analytics tools like:

+ Google Analytics

+ Web trends Analytics

I am adaptive depending on the need; I am open for more specialist tools.

5th, Content Marketing

I create and refine copy to convey clear and concise messages. It only makes sense since all of Internet marketing requires the presence of compelling content in order to be effective and attractive.

I make sure your content is first-class from newsletters to brochures, and web-based content to online articles, I am meticulous about creating content that is interesting, engaging and relevant to specific brand, with in-depth research, a selective approach to editing and proofreading, and an all-around love for the written word.

After all, the point of attracting the right visitor is to make a favourable impression and ideally build a lasting relationship that will benefit both parties.

I have been exposed to Copywriting & Content Management but not limited to:

+ Landing Pages

+ Web Content Creation

+ Proofreading & Editing

+ Newsletters & Emailers

+ Advertising & Product Copy

+ Blog Articles & Press Releases

+ Social Media Content Creation

+ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


With less than a year experience in this field is acceptable to call me a learning digital marketer.

The little knowledge I have in the industry I believe there is a simple method of developing the key competencies required for successful online marketing in your business.

This helps you to cut a path through a sometimes overwhelming number of new skills and techniques involved in effective digital marketing, which if followed, developed and improved, can lead to greater and greater success with online marketing.

I acquired basics and I can help to market brands the right way on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and more.

I’m a digital enthusiast with the strategic social media marketing solutions. My aim is to help small businesses and individuals create brand awareness.

Visit my blogs and social media pages for more info on what I am up to.