How You Can Spot Fake Viral News Story Before it Wreck you

Many fake news sites intentionally try to pass themselves off as real, either by never disclosing their satirical nature or hiding the disclosure deep within their website. Still others are just peddling false and salacious tales to drive traffic to their site and rake in ad revenue — something easy to do when social media allows the rapid spread of misinformation.



So how can you ensure you’re not being bamboozled? Here are  10 tips to get you started.

  1. The Source Is Known to Be Shady
  2. Other Stories From This Source Are Incredulous
  3. Reputable News Sites Aren’t Carrying It
  4. It Predicts a Future Disaster
  5. It Reveals a Cure for a Major Illness
  6. The Website Carries a Disclaimer
  7. The Story Is a Little Too Funny or Interesting
  8. A Poll is Featured
  9. The Website or Blog Has an Odd Domain Name
  10. The Story Makes You Angry

The important point here is never to act on or pass on any information you read or view unless you know for sure whether it’s true or false. Then you can let the recipient know.Whether these are satirical sites or websites run by people with an ax to grind, if you find yourself getting pretty steamed, take a step back and re-evaluate.


National Book Week 2015: Day 5


While we can admit that there are some really fantastic television programs, we are partial to books. There are a number of phenomenal reads that are definitely better than turning on the tube. Which ones do you recommend? – Grammaly Blog


National Book Week 2015 launches


South Africa’s 6 years running and most successful national reading campaign, National Book Week, will be celebrated across the country from the 7th – 13th September 2015

At Emoyeni Conference Centre in Parktown, Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture Rejoice Mabudafhasi launched National Book Week and the NBW Tour Bus ahead of its one week tour.

What can YOU do during National Book Week?

• Participate in the programme in your province
• Visit your local Bargain Books or Exclusive Books stores and participate in the #BUYABOOK campaign.
• Donate books – to organizations working with women, children, youth, and the disabled.
• Corporates are encouraged to #BUYABOOK or two
• Create your own activities and let the NBW team know about it.
• Promote NBW on your social media platforms.
• Communities, churches, social groups, schools and libraries and anyone with an interest in promoting reading, are encouraged to participate in the campaign to bring awareness of the joy and value of reading books.

REMEMBER there’s a Special Offer on books which starts during National Book Week on Monday, 7 September. You can buy selected titles by local authors for just R20 a book. Then please donate it to someone who doesn’t have one. The aim is to get the nation reading. Exclusive Books and Bargain Books are participating stores countrywide.

Click below to watch the full interview at SABC2 Morning LiveDeputy Minister of Arts and Culture Rejoice Mabudafhasi and CEO of the South African Book Development Council Elitha van der Sandt.

To find out more about programmes around the country, connect with NBW on social media for regular updates.


#UpYourGame at Red & Yellow with Gravity Ideas

Red & Yellow

Red & Yellow

Friday afternoon; we are leaving early  from work to attend a Red & Yellow workshop about Behavioural Economics, hosted by Gravity Ideas. No big agenda other than taking notes and using the chance to network and have some drinks at the rooftop bar.This time I’m having fun with my digital marketing team.

Last time I had a workshop was …three years ago in Polokwane brought by NYDA. I am so excited!! So what’s in for you? After Friday, I will deliver you a killer blog post covering the event…Just wait. If you can’t wait, please take a peek at my picture gallery or my Instagram. You can also get involved during the event, Everyone at the event will be live tweeting using the hashtag #UpYourGame.

Don’t forget to check #UpYourGame, on Twitter and Instagram

Twitter: @mike2dogz
Instagram: @mike2dogz

Facebook page: Michael MercySocial

Event Details

When: Friday 29 May, at 15h00

Topic: Behavioural Economics

Where:  #UpYourGame online!

Hosted by: Gravity Ideas

Take a sneak peak at the business of Gravity Ideas below

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