Social Networking Platform for Lawyers

Mootis, is the social networking and microblogging platform for lawyers and anyone interested in law, is launching in Australia following huge interest from the legal services sector.

It is specifically tailored for what is a vast legal services marketplace that extends far beyond lawyers – to other professional advisors, businesses owners, local authorities and even members of the public – legal issues impact on so many organisations and individuals.

Certainly Mootis looks impressive; with a clean design and functionality that bears a close resemblance Twitter. For example, accounts are prefaced with the ‘@’ symbol and users can send tweet-style “moots” to their followers, or “remoot” others’ “moots”.

Posts are viewed via a timeline and there is also a similar “notifications” column that alerts users when they have been mentioned in someone else’s moot. Plus there are Twitter-style hashtags and a facility to view what is “trending”.


Two unique  features

Mootis has two unique features; the most prominent is its poll function. Users are asked “yes”, “no” or “not sure” questions on topical legal issues. They are then supplied with a percentage breakdown of previous answers, enabling them to gauge snapshot views on these matters, intending to spark debate. The second original feature is the capacity to attach documents to moot.

Similar with LinkedIn Moots can exceed 140 characters (up to 500 words) – enabling users to express their opinion with more authority, weight and substance.


10 key features

  1. Upload and share video blogs, documents, images and audio.
  2. Keep on top of all the very latest trending legal topics.
  3. Search and connect with people by name or import existing contacts from other social media networks / invite contacts via email.
  4. Send and read other users updates – either publicly, or privately.
  5. Integrate with other main social media sites.
  6. Daily updates from Mootis direct to user’s email account.
  7. Create polls and surveys.
  8. Professional verification to establish authenticity of identities of key individuals and companies
  9. Privacy features
  10. Advanced security

To Sign up
Register as a new user on the Mootis sign up page or log in through Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.Register as an organisation. Organisations can invite all their people to join their Mootis page.

I have 4 reasons for you to join

1, The site developers made familiar features, so that regular users of social media will be familiar with.

2, User can follow firms and individuals by location as well as their specialist area of law, so it can be tailored to specific countries or used as a global resource.

3, Site is impressive that all of its aspects are free of charge and simple to register or connect with your exiting channels like Facebook

4, A dedicated App will be launched next month.

I would encourage Law firms, publishers, lawyers and also law students to start mooting!

Please check it out and share your comments.


8 Useful Social Media Marketing Apps

Modern marketing is progressing, coinciding with the mobile app revolution.  Useful marketing software is becoming increasingly available in the form of mobile apps, making tools and data readily available and easily accessible. These apps are enabling marketers to upload blog posts, track campaign metrics, allowing marketers to access information quickly and conveniently.Below is a list of the best apps available for the digital marketer.  These apps are useful, both to keep up-to-date personally, but also to manage your company’s social network activity.

  • Hootsuite

This social media app allows you to post, observe and evaluate your social media sites. It allows for instantaneous and convenient access to all social media platforms. Additionally it provides the analytics to aid in increasing your following and traffic.

  • Buffer

This is another social media management app which allows you to manage and monitor your focal social media accounts. You can directly schedule content for your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and evaluate statistics on the performance and reach of your posts.  Moreover, you can establish your own update schedule for each of your accounts, generate buffering patterns at different times during the week according to your target audience.

  • Nimble

This app has recently been voted as the top CRM platform. It is created to aid professionals in improving online relationships.  Nimble permits users to trace and engage with relationships built with target audiences. It simplifies digital communications by placing contact information, social media profiles of crucial connections and online discussions in one location.

  • WordPress

This is the most popular blogging tool at the moment for business and personal uses. It allows you to update your blog via your smartphone or tablet, manage user comments on the move, and upload and edit posts

  • Mashable

This app provides the user with the latest news regarding apps, technology, mobile information, social networking and common internet-related news. It alerts users to popular pieces and works read across smartphones and tablets, thus adjusting the content to the size of the device.  The articles have a simple, fresh layout and are easy to read and navigate. Mashable is an important app to have in order to keep up to date with the latest developments in your industry.

  • Quora

This is a useful platform for marketers seeking information from reliable sources.  Users can ask questions from those with knowledge on the subject and get real time answers. Essentially this app promotes users to aid each other through the exchange of information.

  • Quick Win Digital Marketing Lite

A useful app in that it affords the user with the answers to the top 100 digital marketing questions. Based on the works by the authors Annmarie Hanlon and Joanna Atkins, the app is divided into five sections:

  1. Digital Essentials, an introduction to digital marketing techniques and tools (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and how your business can use them
  2. Digital Toolbox, practical advice on how to accomplish specific things using digital applications
  3. Digital Marketing, how you can use digital marketing techniques and tools to promote your business/products/services
  4. Branding Online, a critical topic for all businesses of all sizes
  5. Managing, Measuring and Money Making online, where it all comes together.
  • Google Drive 

Most digital marketing agencies use Google Drive instead of DropBox.  Similar to DropBox, it allows the user to sync Google Drive with your phone enabling you to efficiently share documents with colleagues.  The app gives you access to all your files on any digital device. Moreover, it allows you to invite others to view, comment on or edit any of your stored files.