How You Can Spot Fake Viral News Story Before it Wreck you

Many fake news sites intentionally try to pass themselves off as real, either by never disclosing their satirical nature or hiding the disclosure deep within their website. Still others are just peddling false and salacious tales to drive traffic to their site and rake in ad revenue — something easy to do when social media allows the rapid spread of misinformation.



So how can you ensure you’re not being bamboozled? Here are  10 tips to get you started.

  1. The Source Is Known to Be Shady
  2. Other Stories From This Source Are Incredulous
  3. Reputable News Sites Aren’t Carrying It
  4. It Predicts a Future Disaster
  5. It Reveals a Cure for a Major Illness
  6. The Website Carries a Disclaimer
  7. The Story Is a Little Too Funny or Interesting
  8. A Poll is Featured
  9. The Website or Blog Has an Odd Domain Name
  10. The Story Makes You Angry

The important point here is never to act on or pass on any information you read or view unless you know for sure whether it’s true or false. Then you can let the recipient know.Whether these are satirical sites or websites run by people with an ax to grind, if you find yourself getting pretty steamed, take a step back and re-evaluate.


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