The South African Book Development Council, the Steering Committee of the Text Editing: Africa Project and the publishers, MLA Publications, take great pleasure in announcing the publication of the first-ever book on text editing in one of South Africa’s indigenous languages – Sesotho – in 2016: Metheo ya ditokiso tsa sengolwa: Boitsebelo le tshebediso, by Dr Nyefolo Malete, Head of the Department of African Languages at the University of the Free State (UFS).

We invite you to attend a “language indaba and workshop” to launch Metheo ya ditokiso tsa sengolwa in Bloemfontein on 15 February 2016. The event will be hosted by the UFS and opened by Professor Jansen.

Every attendee will receive a signed copy of the book included in the attendance fee of R550.

This book should be an essential reference work for all teachers, students and practitioners of communications, writing, editing and translation through the medium of Sesotho, and an invaluable vademecum. It is an adaptation of the internationally acclaimed Text Editing: A handbook for students and practitioners (UPA, 2012) and based on the CCC Model for text analysis and improvement developed by Dutch linguist Dr Jan Renkema.

We anticipate that the half-day indaba and workshop will draw great interest among linguists and language practitioners across the language spectrum, but the number of participants (not including observers) will be limited to 30 to ensure maximum engagement with the text and the model. So please do not delay in reserving your place by emailing Raynia Gaffoor at admin@sabookcouncil.co.za or call 021 914 8626/7.

We acknowledge and thank the FP&M SETA and the National Arts Council for the financial support towards this project.

Should you be unable to attend the event but wish to purchase a copy of Metheo ya ditokiso tsa sengolwa, contact the publishers at mlapublications@gmail.com.  The cost inclusive of postage and packaging is R365.00.


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